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Readers Respond: What Types of Fibromyalgia Pain Do You Get?

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Updated September 14, 2009

Dulling Pain

I am also glad to hear some of the responses I have read... I am glad to read about someone else having pain like me. For years (4) years I complained of a dulling like toothache pain that hurts ALL over. I used to work as a aide each year my pain would get a little worse, so I said it was just plain arthritis and I was checked for that it said I had a little arthritis. I kept saying this is not normal the more I complained the more they seemed like I was making something up but my pain keep getting consistently. No one knows how your pain is but the person telling about it. I hurt EVERYWHERE and my back the middle of it is crucial, I had really started to become depressed about it because I couldn't get anyone to tell me what it was. they say its neuropathy because I am a diabetic but my pain isn't tingling not as much but a dulling all over pain. They finally diagnosed it fibermyalgia and nerve pain. I am so glad to know I am not the only one that feels that a way.
—Guest Littlebit

Dull aches improved

Gluten free has helped. I get dull aches all over as if I've been at the gym for four hours working out like crazy...but I haven't! I also used to get sharp, knife like pain in my hands and feet. The sharp, stabbing pain has gone away since I stopped all gluten. To all who are in severe pain...try gluten free! Do it for yourself. It is better than meds and truly helps.
—Guest Lee

I can't hold back my tears anymore!

You all have put perfect metaphores to the symptoms I have - but couldn't really explain without sounding retarded!!! I was so unbelievable - the doc thinks im a pill seeker. haha He must get a lot of those because without hesitation, as i fumble my words, he says "if your trying to ask me for a narcotic i wont be writing for one" OMG-WTF...seriously! i am tryimg ro tell him that i have voodoo disease, firecrackers in my neck and my head in a vice, thats all. Chill quacker Euthanasia will do just finel and we'll wrap itup:) So on that note... I DO FEEL YOUR PAIN guys/gals, it's real it's depressing and confusing at the very least unpredictable stabs in the neck are no bullshit and the "impingement" in both my shoulders might just be the final straw for this 30yr young geezer!! i am f'n miserable and my quality of life is no longer qualitative at all. Sorry I sound like a bitch I really dont think outloud like this. I just well up with tears blink them away and silently suffer
—Guest AmberLynn

Hurt from head to toe

I literally hurt from head to toe. It feels like bruises when I am touched with even the slightest pressure. There seems to be patches of pain all over me. Often the pain will radiate from a trigger point somewhere else in my body. For example if I press on a particular spot on my abdomen it will hurt on my shoulder. I limp all the time, cannot straighten my legs fully, walk bent over and am very stiff when I first stand. I have tried lots of pain killers and other remedies but nothing has helped yet. Dealing with chronic pain is hard enough. But what makes it worse is the lack of understanding from others. The Americans with disabilities act should be updated to require place to sit in public spaces. Just waiting for an elevator is excruciating.
—Guest Sherry

Nail on the head!

OH.MY.WORD!!! Very accurate description of sensations! I experience them all! Thanks for sharing!
—Guest Shelia

A few pains i get

I have lots of painfull points in my bodybut these r the worst my heals i cannot bare to walk on them. My knee's a sharp stabbing pain and ache and when I have an itch when I scratch it however soft it hurts like I've been hit, my elbows and thumb area and finally my belly the pain takes my breath away does anyone else have these types of pain? Thank goodness for my family and friends I have been truley blessed to have them in my life xxx
—Guest Chick

pain in my hands and feet

I suffer from constant pain sin my legs and arms, that is located in my hands and feet my feet feel like I'm walking on hot coals and my hands feel like they have been ran through a meat grinder. I am in constant pain every single day, but it seems it didn't start until I uderwnt 2 surgeries in one year and everything fell apart. The pain is unbearable at times and I do understand the crying yourself to elderly.I've done that for 3 years now. Constant headaches backaches etc. A never ending story of pain I have never had soo much pain, even into my pelvic bone.
—Guest dana

Makes it all come together

I have been debating about talking to a doctor for a couple years. I have probably been in denial. Just had colonoscopy and path reports are not back yet. I didn't realize that my intestinal problems and bloating were a part of this. I get most of the typs of pain and wanted to know if any one gets a fluttery feeling in their stomach and other muscles? I get the muscle "jumps" too. Glad to find this thread.
—Guest Claire

My Fibro Journey

To be completely honest, I have not yet been formally diagnosed, but I have 90% of the symptoms described and it all started with lower back pain and cramping, restless legs one night. It drove me up the wall, LITERALLY! I have MRI's of my spine and my surgeon decided I needed a spinal fusion for ONE of my TWO herniated discs. Ever since, my pain has gradually spread to my mid-back, shoulders (front and back), jaw joint (TMJ) which causes headaches. I constantly either have a runny nose or a stuffy nose. Never had allergies as a kid, but I sneeze up a storm these days. The worst of it all is I am only 28 and I still depend so much on my parents for help. I am just in so much pain all the time and my mom has said I need to move more and when I do, I end up hurting more. I am absolutely exhausted and my short-term memory is shot! It's embarrassing when I can't remember important information or LISTEN to a simple conversation because the pain is so bad concentration is impossible
—Guest Shelby

Jumping pain urgh

Finally got the flu like pain under control with meds and this weekend something new started. Deep hurting pain which jumps from one muscle to the other, one side of the body to the other and sleepy. The pain is very intense but also like the sparkler pain and I'm very glad it doesn't last long. It's funny how we all have names for our pain after a while. Thanks for the "sparkler" description .
—Guest Katsny

Broken bones

almost all the time now i feel like my fingers and toes are broken , so painful , i feel like i want to rip them apart to get rid of the sensation, and the weird feeling that your leg goes numb like it's not there but it causes intense pain , living with fibromyalgia is living in hell day in , day out
—Guest cindy

bad days are out numbering the good

My pain never goes away. When Im having a good day,,IM still in pain, but am able to do some minor physical activity,which I end Up paying for later.I have tried lyrica,Savella,lidocaine patches &muscle relaxers.nothing even comes close to ending the pain.it wears on you to be in pain all the time,and when people don't understand,for me,it makes me feel even worse & I disconnect from the world, curled up in my fibro pain.
—Guest jillbillzer


I get chest pain, shortness of breathe and real bad shoulder pain. I went to the hospital for the chest pain and they did a lot of test for my heart and everything was good. I have had FB for about 7 years. I don't take any medicine for it. I just try to live with it. Some days I hurt all over and others in certain spots. I do exercise and that helps a lot. I am over weight and have lost 70 pounds and that has also helped. I was told by a doctor that I have FB.
—Guest Dorothy


The touching of microfiber sends chills through my body and feels like someone is drilling into my teeth. I have to immediately bite my teeth down and toss the item out of my hands or I get numb.
—Guest AndyB


I get pain all over my body so intense that it feels like I am on fire from the inside out, so much pain, can't really describe it there is so much and so many kinds, head feels like it's in a vice most times, all over body spasms and twitches makes me throw the things I'm holding, constantly spill things, can't remember what I just did or read or have to do, can't spell any more use spell check all the time, what a life we go through and most people haven't got a clue, we look okay but are suffering in our own little world because normal's don't understand and can't put up with us when they do, Life what Life.

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What Types of Fibromyalgia Pain Do You Get?

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