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Readers Respond: What Types of Fibromyalgia Pain Do You Get?

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Updated September 14, 2009

Bruise like pains/severe NECK PAINS..ETC

I was diagnosed with FM 6 yrs ago, but I had symptoms years before that. I thought I was crazy for the longest time because when people would squeeze my arms or legs (goofing off), it felt like a very deep bruise & I wanted to scream! I also had severe neck pain from 30+ yrs in my career as a Dental Hygienist & when the pain reached a level that I could no longer tolerate, I requested going to see a PT & chiropractor (spent many days & $$). MRI later showed bone spurs, & I eventually had neck surgery (after other options failed to relieve the pain)....which only made my pain WORSE! After the surgery, I wasn't able to return to work. I tried Lyrica (which made me FOGGY & CRAZY) and steroids....gained LOTS of weight which I still haven't been able to lose! I hate this disease! It is hopeless...I now just live with the pain...and still take meds, which do nothing but make me sleepy and stupid. Maybe one day we will get relief, but til then, God help us!
—Guest Melinda H.

Arm pain

Im going nuts I'm in a flare my arms hurt so bad I can hardly stand it. I can't do anything but cry a lot :( been going on for weeks now


Perfectly put into words everything I feel! The voodoo pains for me happen randomly, but usually they happen often in one period and then take a break for a week or two. But the worst is when you want to go to sleep, but the bed feels like rocks.
—Guest Taylor Butler


Constant deep flu-like muscle ache, worse after exercise. Felt mostly in my arms and legs. Feels different from a post workout fatigue. I should know, been working out over 20 years.
—Guest Sha

There is no number on the pain scale for

I am in such pain right now I can hardly take it! I have these headaches where I can hear the blood rushing through my ears! Unbelievable pain all over! Severe in my legs all night long! Burning painful skin! Knives stabbing my back and all over! Voodoo doll very good description. So sorry I am not alone in this disease! I am praying for all of you! I wish I could find the right doctor!
—Guest Lisa Williams

You forgot a couple

I call it the not so funny bone pain. In my elbows. Feels like I whacked my elbow but I know I haven't. Also radiates burning ache through my forearm. Then there's my knees that feel like they are on backwards, like they want to overextend and bend the wrong way when I walk.
—Guest Lorihohne

Marley's mama

I know exactly what you are talking about. I have the exact types of pain you described. It helps to know I am not the only one with crazy names for my pains!
—Guest Tammy Williams


I was diagnosed in Jan with Fib, although i have been suffering for yrs. Today is a typical bad day, the stiffness in my whole body is unreal. Just sat carying dont know if i am feeling sorry for myself or it is part of the condition. Typing this is hard as i cant relax my body so that causes pain. Every night my knees lock while i am sleeping and takes a good hr for me to be able to straighten them, walking is very uncomfortable. Words i use to try to explain are, wearing a metal jscket it drags you down and cant move cause it too heavy, and Zombie because when i walk i shuffle. It used to just flare up every few weeks, in the weeks i was ok i used to still manage the gym and swim and have a normal life. Since Jan i have it every day, some really bad others just stiff and pain mild. I want my old life back to how i was last summer. Does anyone ever feel like your a bother and need to go away and live the life you been given alone ??? Jackie
—Guest Jackie Carr

a cigarette being put out in my right si

All of a sudden I got a really bad burning sensation in my side like I had dropped a cigarette in the side of my pants and the more I rubbed the more it hurt.
—Guest Nancy v

What kind of pain I have

Allodynia not so much. Ache that moves around, many times from lower back down to feet. Sharp pains. Electric shock pains. Post exertional pain. Hurt bad a day or 2 after being physical. Can't walk very far sometimes.

My Fibromyalgia Is Awful

I tell my Drs, it's a silent monster. I watched my Mom suffer from Fibro. I never could understand her crys as I sat there & watch her suffer. Well, I had a slip & fall in 03, I was never the same. My Mom passed n 04, I was finally diagnosed with fibro. I have experienced every symptom above. Not one day goes by that I'm not suffering to severely. I have gotten fibro-fog lost hundreds n $! I have severe pain n my hips-How about everywhere my bones meet up. I drop things, severe migraines,(hospital). I hate clothes or to be touched. The crawling is the worst my whole body shuts down my mind goes crazy. I can't sleep, I can feel a peice of dust land on me. My skin burns, my feet get as charcol with the burns & prickle stings, my muscles hurt, my spine, my neck, sometimes my body doesn't work, I'm weak and lethargic. I have chest pain, my buttocks hurt, I can't lift, I get exhausted and vomit. I fear my future! Can go on 4ever. It's unreal, no meds have helped me, I never took meds b
—Guest Safraunya

Do any of you experience this?

First, thank you all for the sharing. What a relief! I can push certain spots in my feet and it is like a "pain button" that shoots electric shocks blasting out of my shoulder tip or the top of my skull. Does anyone have this besides me??? I appreciate your response and pray we all can find PEACE OF BODY AND MIND!
—Guest Tired in Texas


Emotional freedom Technique helps with the rattle pain. Its best if you have a friend to do it for you. Being rattled is no way to tap. Good news is for folks like me the system has forgotten, EFT is free ;) There is a book called "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" it explains things in detail.
—Guest UriYah

The sheet dance

One of my problems is my sheets. I get into bed and lay there a minute, then realize there is a wrinkle in my sheet. I raise myself up trying to straighten it out. Okay, I think, it's fine. Lay back down, nope. I thinik it just got bigger. So I try to roll over and fix it. Try to get comfortable. The stupid thing moved! Now it's under another part of my body. After going through this for sever minutes I finally get up and pull the sheets every which direction. Crawl back in bed. Now my nightgown is bunched up. Oh here we go again! I don't know how I keep from bouncing my poor husband out of bed! Thank goodness he's a deep sleeper! LOL!
—Guest BMotor63

Angels Wings

I have been living with FMS for 7 years now. This was such a well written article! It was like having a conversation with a friend who really "gets it". My pain? I try to tell my family my pain is the result of my angel's wings being torn off. Its the only way I can describe the unremitting pain in my trapezius,neck,deltoids and back. Inner knees,too,which I find so weird. I have tried every therapy out there: meds,needles,biofeedback,yoga,meditation,exercise and a gluten-free,dairy-free diet. Some flare ups come out of nowhere,some are because I just don't want to stop doing what I'm doing,because I want my old,normal life back. Thanks for writing,it was really great.
—Guest MadameDuMerri

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What Types of Fibromyalgia Pain Do You Get?

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