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Readers Respond: Helpful Housework Tips for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Updated March 02, 2010

Housework is never going to be "easy" for us, but we can certainly do things that make it a lot easier on our bodies. Learn what's helped other people like you, and also let us know what works for you.


i absolutely detest bagless vacuums, as opposed to adrienne. i find way more dust flying around and landing on the floor i just cleaned. i have an Oreck that when you pull the bag out a piece of cardboard automatically covers the hole the dirt comes into when it is vacuuming. i love it! each to his own, i guess.
—Guest barb


I have hardwood floors and keeping them clean is a full time job in its self. Sweeping and mopping are really tough so my husband bought me a shark steam vac. Its so much easier on my back with the adjustable handle and lightweight. Then once vacumned i just add water and steam clean. No harsh chemicals and sanitizes. This has been a major life and back saver for me. Its fast drying so little chance of slipping and falling either.
—Guest Alley


Once every three weeks I clean my home. using ro ot vacuum cleaner in between to keep the floors clean. I pace myself spending the whole week as a cleaning week which actually means Monday bedrooms, Tuesday bathroom laundry, Wednesday Kitchen , Thurday lounge, dinning and Friday patio, so I pace myself. I wash twice a week and use a low clothes line in my store room to dry the clothes.I iron once a week, using a steam station. I iron for 5 minutes then rest, and do that for about one hour.
—Guest Barb5ash

Housework? What is that?

I have had Fibro for forever! And my response to the topic is this: If you can possibly afford it---get someone else to do it! Its enough of an effort to just get up & possibly out or dressed--housework is such a drain on whatever energy you might have! I understand that some people cant swing it--but I would give up something to have someone come in a few hours every week or two--and accomplish the things that are just so annoying! And--there are organizations that might help with the cost--by providing a person at a reduced cost? Or maybe a person who needs some extra money--that you can trust! Gentle hugs to all!

Roomba Note #2

When I went on-line to find a battery for my Roomba, they asked for a number that was not on my unit or paperwork...'we can't help without the number'...again, not worth the hassle. With family, friends, students, want ad or registered housekeepers, work out a deal in writing and lock away your valuables. Stuff is often less valuable than helps.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Roomba - NOT

Re: SARAH (Roomba)Forget it, the battery recharges for a year but then you can't replace it. A new unit yearly is for the 'Rich/Rediculou$'.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Helpful Housework Tips

I hooked up with FlyLady.com. It's a website for women who are working and have trouble juggling the work and the home. Keeping the house clean if you are a working woman is hard and I thought, well.. I'm not working (wasn't then) but I don't have the energy to do all that housework the way I used to. So I tried it. And it helped me to keep my house clean, organized, and still have energy for fun things that I wanted to do. I can do anything for 15 minutes! has become my motto. Thanks to FlyLady.com
—Guest Sandy Tracy

oh Cedar pro mist mop

It's great because if u r sensitive to smells like I am, u can put what ever u want in your thing that suirts the water out onto the floor. wet jet smell is too strong. I put in dial antibacterial handsoap and water. no smell and I know it is clean. I love it!
—Guest B

Cleaning with Fibro

Being a perfectionist, a clean fantatic who likes to b organized & living w Fibro really don't go 2gether.. I also suffer from Arthritis & Back Pain! What once took me an hour to do now takes me a day! We have lamanent flooring through out! So u sweep, wash & sweep again! 2 years ago we bought a "Shark" so I didn't have the hassels of a Mop & Pail! I loved it so much we went through 2 of them in a year! This year we bought me a "Shark Vac" I love it! I can vacuum 1st then flip a switch add the pad & wash my floors! I also keep a basket beside my side of the couch where I keep everything I might need during the day, pen,pad, puffers,meds, remotes,lighters & so on! I also have a small garbage can beside my couch, my computers & bed it really helps from having to get up all the time! Bathroom I keep Vim Spray & wipe down everytime I go in there Same with Kitchen! Use a stool 4 reaching! Bar Stool on rollers helps in the kitchen because you can push your self around to cook etc.
—Guest Susan

Helpful Tip for Bathtub

Bathbubs are sooo hard to clean! I know there are extension poles, etc.. After I take a bath, I let the water drain, then immediately spray it with Scrubbing Bubbles and let it sit a little while. Then I wipe as best I can. If I don't get every little thing, I don't worry about it the way I used to. It is very nice to always have a pretty clean tub that way!
—Guest Claire

I'm looking for a Robot!

As I can't afford an efficient robot, I make full use of my dishwasher for pots and pans as well as cutlery and crocks ('cept me of course ) Washing clothes is easy enough just shove it in the machine, but be careful hanging it out! I have found Oil of Rosemary to be very refreshing to spray around the place diluted of course. I have found a very efficient thing for want of a better word oh yes it's a spray you squirt it neat onto a floor you need to clean and wipe with a not too wet mop...it works fairly easily! just do one floor a day and don't sweep and wash on the same day it'll all be same in a 100yrs "they" say! My youngest is moving at the end of the month she'll be just down the road and she and my eldest daughter are going to blitz the place for me. I would say that the most important thing is not to get too wound up about it. I am pensioner and can't afford paid help! I haven't been downstairs lately 2 days never mind! Shopping should be done on line I think and delivered
—Guest heligull

The Roomba Can Help

If you can afford it, the robot, Roomba, can really help vacumn your house. It's made by www.irobot.com Vacumning is so hard for us and tears our muscles. We take a long time to repair the tears in our muscles.
—Guest Sarah

Steam Cleaning

Since it's so hard for me to really deep clean my bathrooms and kitchen, I have a small steam cleaner that works wonders. I even use it on my large bathroom mirrors.

Clean-up...when able

Housework is never-ending...even for the healthy. I've accepted that I won't be able to keep up like I used to, so I make a "master list of simple chores" once a week and try to cross them off as I do them. Heavy or involved cleaning and chores I didn't complete wait until I have help...or occasionally carry over to next weeks list. At least seeing chores marked off my list helps me to feel that I'm still able to do some things... feel more productive even if the list isn't a lengthy one. :)

I never would have believed it if ...

I never would have believed it if it weren't me who has CFS. Seriously! Cleaning in steps and pacing yourself is the most helpful. One 'those' days where you just can't do ANYTHING, don't! If you do, you'll regret it for at least the next day or week. Having CFS changes lives and in our own way, we have to figure out what works for us. Having tips like these certainly help!

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