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Readers Respond: Helpful Housework Tips for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Updated March 02, 2010

Housework is never going to be "easy" for us, but we can certainly do things that make it a lot easier on our bodies. Learn what's helped other people like you, and also let us know what works for you. Share What Helps You!

Handy Hand Vac

My new hand vac has helped me a lot. When I can sweep, it saves me the trouble of having to fuss with the dust pan. I use it when I can't manage the large vac. More importantly, I can trust my kids to use it: it's small, bagless, & cordless.
—Guest Tee


The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (or generic equal) for bathtubs, combined with any scent of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap is WONDERFUL for cleaning bathrooms or any sinks. You put some soap on that magic eraser and it just wipes off even the worst stains and dirt. It is just amazing and so easy.
—Guest Mary


I have fibro, CFS, and RA. I have no energy and no sense of organization. I have piles of gargage throughout my apt. that need to go. I hired someone to help me get organized and clean out this place but the interview was $144.00 and the next appt. will be $60.00 an hour for four hours. I am on disability income and quite sure my budget won't be able to handle those charges. The state should have programs for the disabled to get so many hours free. Only is you are over 60! I am 56 and falling through the cracks because I may be seriously disabled but I have to wait 4 more years to get help! Anyone want to come live in IL with me?
—Guest Nancy

house work ccleaning products that help

Mr muscle shower clean - a godsend- saves so much time and energy yet keeps bath and shower area hygenically clean. Also use u long handled tile cleaner to do a once over every now and again with a good spray cleaner. Saves a lot of. Aches later as less bending and stretching involved.
—Guest edie

housework help

As another person posted,i too use fly lady.net. the house cleaning is broken down into small sections for us & doesn't seem so overwhelming.
—Guest kim

House work / Work List

I have issues because I used to be big on keeping my apt. spotless, now I make a list and hope I can get it done. I have cronic low back pain I am lucky if I can stand for more than five min.s at a time so I over do it then pay for it later and have to sit after almost for the same amount of time as I worked.( sucks ) In turn my therapist told me to get a small dog and learn to walk him every two hrs. so I did. It does help keep your mind off the house work BUT now the standing still when the dog stops to smell around or when he wants to play. I have learned to rock back and fourth it helps relieve some of the pain and when he wants to play we go back to the apt. and I have my chair and we play with his toys. It has helped me get out more because of all of my pain and like the rest of you I hurt like hell and wanted to stay in and not go out at all. Between my therapist and psychiatrist they have gotten me out side not far away from home but still out. Lyrica has helped also.


I buy Lysol or clorox wipes in bulk and keep upstairs and downstairs for quick clean ups. Small grocery bags in the bathroom' Line the garbage cans like 7 times so I only have to refill once a week. With a family of four we seem to have a full basket dialy. I set small laundry goals and wash then dry and fold one load of clothes per day which seems to keep us in clean clothes. I do NOT carry any of it up 3 flights of stairs. My husband does:) Love the Swiffer. I keep collection baskets. One for going up and one for going downstairs. Random stuff goes in them like the kids brought down the nail clippers and they need to go back to the bathroom with the new toothbrushes will go in the basket to go up. It may not need to go up today. But it is out of the way and somewhat organized in my own way. TAKE TIME TO STRETCH OUT 10 MIN OF YOGA WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! Some days I can do 50 today I did 15.
—Guest Danielle


i absolutely detest bagless vacuums, as opposed to adrienne. i find way more dust flying around and landing on the floor i just cleaned. i have an Oreck that when you pull the bag out a piece of cardboard automatically covers the hole the dirt comes into when it is vacuuming. i love it! each to his own, i guess.
—Guest barb


I have hardwood floors and keeping them clean is a full time job in its self. Sweeping and mopping are really tough so my husband bought me a shark steam vac. Its so much easier on my back with the adjustable handle and lightweight. Then once vacumned i just add water and steam clean. No harsh chemicals and sanitizes. This has been a major life and back saver for me. Its fast drying so little chance of slipping and falling either.
—Guest Alley


Once every three weeks I clean my home. using ro ot vacuum cleaner in between to keep the floors clean. I pace myself spending the whole week as a cleaning week which actually means Monday bedrooms, Tuesday bathroom laundry, Wednesday Kitchen , Thurday lounge, dinning and Friday patio, so I pace myself. I wash twice a week and use a low clothes line in my store room to dry the clothes.I iron once a week, using a steam station. I iron for 5 minutes then rest, and do that for about one hour.
—Guest Barb5ash

Housework? What is that?

I have had Fibro for forever! And my response to the topic is this: If you can possibly afford it---get someone else to do it! Its enough of an effort to just get up & possibly out or dressed--housework is such a drain on whatever energy you might have! I understand that some people cant swing it--but I would give up something to have someone come in a few hours every week or two--and accomplish the things that are just so annoying! And--there are organizations that might help with the cost--by providing a person at a reduced cost? Or maybe a person who needs some extra money--that you can trust! Gentle hugs to all!

Roomba Note #2

When I went on-line to find a battery for my Roomba, they asked for a number that was not on my unit or paperwork...'we can't help without the number'...again, not worth the hassle. With family, friends, students, want ad or registered housekeepers, work out a deal in writing and lock away your valuables. Stuff is often less valuable than helps.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Roomba - NOT

Re: SARAH (Roomba)Forget it, the battery recharges for a year but then you can't replace it. A new unit yearly is for the 'Rich/Rediculou$'.
—Guest Prince's Mommy

Helpful Housework Tips

I hooked up with FlyLady.com. It's a website for women who are working and have trouble juggling the work and the home. Keeping the house clean if you are a working woman is hard and I thought, well.. I'm not working (wasn't then) but I don't have the energy to do all that housework the way I used to. So I tried it. And it helped me to keep my house clean, organized, and still have energy for fun things that I wanted to do. I can do anything for 15 minutes! has become my motto. Thanks to FlyLady.com
—Guest Sandy Tracy

oh Cedar pro mist mop

It's great because if u r sensitive to smells like I am, u can put what ever u want in your thing that suirts the water out onto the floor. wet jet smell is too strong. I put in dial antibacterial handsoap and water. no smell and I know it is clean. I love it!
—Guest B

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Helpful Housework Tips for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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