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Readers Respond: Brain Fog Stories

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Updated December 01, 2009

Brain fog/fibro fog can be frustrating, embarrassing, debilitating -- and sometimes even funny! Share your brain fog stories, and compare yours to everyone else's.

brain on holiday!

I do get awful blank moments most of the time, I find it helps to laugh and say I havn't a clue what I'm talking about, people think I'm daft anyway ha ha When I'm driving I have to keep repeating where I'm going so I don't forget. Having the brain fog I also forget to worry about it so there is a silver lining!! I don't write things down as I forget to look at it. I can't work so have the luxury of taking time to do things thought I still make cups of tea when I already have one. If its really bad I don't talk to anyone and go to bed. I don't worry too much about it now as it could be a lot worse, mind you I do talk a lot to myself and it makes perfect sense. Much love to you all it can be frustrating but your still the same person, just your brains gone on hiliday. Love this web site too thanks
—Guest moogi

That darn Brain Fog...

When I was 30 and about to be diagnosed by my (then new) rheumotologist as having Fibromyalgia, he asked me what my address was as I had not written it on my sheet when I filled it out. I couldn't remember my address which is why I didn't fill it out, but then I told him my parents address; a location I had not lived in since I was 18. It was actually kind of scary when I finally realized about 1/2 hour later the address I had given him was five addresses ago.
—Guest Celia2000

What's that on t.v. I just watched??????

So many things to laugh about. But, one I've noticed for the past yr.,or so......after watching a good hour long t.v. show....usually, short mystery.....I'll think to myself, "What the heck was THAT all about!?" It made no sense to me. Then, I have to laugh in order to NOT have my lack of memory scare the dickens out of me!!!

Fibro fog

I asked the man in the kebab shop for a packet of crisps instead of a portion of chips. He was staring at me and I couldn't understand why until he told me what I said.
—Guest Dionne

fibro fog

I constantly feel like I am having a million thoughts at one time. I can never get one thing totally done before I am on to something else. I have FMS, and the fog is severe. I can't do anything I use to do, remember anything, multitasking is a thing of the past. I bothers me so much I only get more depressed with it. I has made my life harder than it shoud be
—Guest cheryl

Brain Fog Stories

In 2011, whist writing a dissertation, I found myself having to read paragraphs that I had written over and over again as I found it impossible to determine if they made sense. What seemed gramatically correct one day, would not the next. I felt like I had forgotten how to write the English language, struggled to keep things in the correct tense and would waste hours staring blankly at a page of my work that may as well have been written in Esperanto or Latin for all the sense it made. The research and writing process took four times longer than it should have as a consequence. I was relieved when it was over but was also saddened as I knew it did not represent the standard of work that I was capable of.

brain fog

I find taking 0.5mg of clonazepam helps with the fog. It seems to settle my brain down. And avoid caffine. x
—Guest rabbikernow

Makes me look like a fool

I seem to have brain fog moments every single day. It can be something as simple as not remebering where Ive put my phone, to not being able to remeber what happened two days ago. Its frustrating, I constantly have to explain myself to people and am made fun of frequently by people saying I have dementia. It makes me so frustrated that people think its something to joke about when for me it produces some truly humalitating moments
—Guest dimmey

At least we're not alone... Sigh!

My favorite thing is learning new things. I wanted to get a PhD before I turn 60, but now I am glad I finished my MS in time. I can learn and do artistic, nonverbal things, but I can't track mental activities well enough any more, which is heartbreaking. However, I have learned a number of tricks to help with daily life. I bought clips to put on my keys and put key rings on my purses so I can clip my keys to the OUTSIDE of my purse. I rarely lose them any more. I use a small credit card wallet and only buy purses with a compartment it will fit in on the outside. Life saver. I carry a small notebook in my purse and write down everything, like where I parked. I developed a system at work where I have a to do folder. Inside the front cover I put post its of Must Do items, and any To Dos that are on paper are slipped in it. It opens first thing in the morning, and saves my life at work. Also, I explained to my boss that I need things in writing whenever possible.

You Understand

Before I was diagnosed with FMS/CFS my husband called and asked me to get a paper from upstairs and give him some info on it. I became very upset and started to cry that he was asking such a hard thing. He thought I was being lazy and selfish... and ridiculous. I had no idea how to tell him sensibly that it would literally be too hard. Reading this I just had a wave of, "she knows." Now my husband gets it. He has been to see my doc with me, and is so supportive, but in the years before diagnosis it was perplexing and so challenging in so many ways.
—Guest Guest, Kellie


Got diagnosed with fm/cfs 5 yrs ago...dont remember exactly. I am recently divorced and a major part of the end of my 14 yr. marriage was brain fog. He never believed, nor understood, or really cared to. To him I just was never paying attention, uninterested, and had my head up my a**. I was called names. I was and still am chronically tired, and have small spurts of normal energy, then have to relax. I am stressed easily and memory sucks..mostly short term. This particular issue has costed me everything in my divorce. The very first consult with my atty, I had to bring someone with me...everytime I saw her, I was not alone, I explained why. Brain fog. Her sympathy seemed sincere. Two years passed, great offers passed, some I found she never even told me. The evening before trial...she unexpectedly called me in her office, told me to bring no one. He and his atty were there to settle. She tricked me. I was exhausted, fogged, and unprepared. If only I could have thought clear on my own.
—Guest tonyabb

Gah! I'm only 34!

I've thought for years that I've had Fibromyalgia but have never been diagnosed. It started w/ the pain & in the last few years I've started with the brain fog. My last funny story was forgetting what Lot I parked my car in at the airport. I knew what side but didn't remember the section A-Z!!! Had to ride with the man who takes down the license plate numbers so he could help me find it. When I go to Wal-Mart I almost need to write down what # row I park in. Same thing at the mall parking garages. It's getting so bad that I have a hard time remembering simple words. I can have a conversation with somebody and 30 seconds later forget the whole conversation. I get 8-9 hrs of sleep, eat a healthy diet, exercise 4-5 days a week. I guess I need to add some supplements as well. I just tell everyone that I'm Add, I think they understand that more than Fibromyalgia. :/
—Guest Leah


i phoned for a spicy chicken pizza it came out as chizzy spicken pizza
—Guest madge

Get Provigil

On days when I need to find my words, to make sense when I speak, I take half of a Provigil tablet. It's a stimulant that allows me to find the lost words and thoughts. I don't use it daily, it's expensive, but it does help me to appear more normal. Recognizing faces is a bit more difficult and nothing helps me with that. It's so unnerving to think you know someone whom you don't and never did. Horrible illness, this fibro stuff.
—Guest abot bensussen

Can't study

I've had this sympomts since like forever, I'm 26 years old an my math skills go up to everything I can solve in my calculator. Millions of embarrasing moments in school when I couldn't do that divission or add up the angle imside the triangle. The worsttime ever. But that's not all, I was studying my I absolutly loved at the University: History and from the begging I just couldn't read A sentence of anybook, could apent four gours in the lybrary trying to read 1 page!! Very frustraring... 2 years later I got the answer: cfs and fibro But still with no degree....I NEED SOLUTIONS, WE NEED SOLUTIONS
—Guest Sophie

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