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Readers Respond: Brain Fog Stories

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Updated December 01, 2009

Brain fog/fibro fog can be frustrating, embarrassing, debilitating -- and sometimes even funny! Share your brain fog stories, and compare yours to everyone else's. Share Your Foggy Moments!


Tried several times to write something funny,intelligent,insightful,helpful,but as u c,Ain't gonna happen now :-D ,everyone,hang in there,it's their loss,our lost at least we had it and remembered,imagine that! I can remember where my keys are, they are in my bag,(long term habit),because I don't go anywhere,Now where is the dang gone remote :-( .
—Guest donna

The Joys of Fibro Fog

For me the fogginess is like the pain, always there, but differing in intensity. I'm forever putting things in the microwave to heat up and then being surprised when it beeps at me! I'll put clothes in to wash and forget to turn the darn thing on, forget that I started bath water and flood the bathroom...those are 'good' days...bad days I have trouble stringing words together to form a sentence or have a conversation. I forget how to do simple things and get disoriented in my own house. One of the best coping strategies is humor...being able to laugh at myself keeps me sane!! I have some-timer's, sometimes my brain works, sometimes it don't, lol!
—Guest Sissy

One of thousands

But still stands out......Working at a health food restaurant, not wishing to share that I have fm/cfs, I blamed red puffy eyes and stuffyness on 'allergies' to a kind (naturopathic doctor) customer who knew me and inquired. He suggested I have a grapefruit and cayenne pepper drink "right now, in front of me". I told him that some days, even handling citrus would start a rash on my fore SKIN. Meant ForeARM. As a medical professional, it was particularly puzzling to him that a 24 year old woman should have such an affliciton.
—Guest madalyn


Hi, I have both CFS and Fybromyalgia, so a double wammy of brain fog, its like trying to wade through treacle most days. I was diagnosed in 2000, so I'm an old soldier. During that time I have like most of us tried various 'cures' and treatments, now I just go with the flow! I am currently able to work part time, but still have to deal with the pain and fatigue, I try and rest as much as possible, but sometimes you just have to live with it and carry on. I graduated in 1998 from university and one of the things which helped me, was using a dictaphone instead of trying to remember or write down lecture notes. If your a student with a disability, you can apply for a disabled student grant, or allowance for a non medical helper and equipment to help you. Don;t be afraid to ask for deadline extensions either. One of the main things which has helped me keep going is my sense of humour, it also helps if you can try and stay positive, I am a lot better now, than I was say 3 to 4 years ago.
—Guest Patsy


My maind goes blank when I am trying to tell a story
—Guest martha

Brain Fog?

this been a year and a half but i don't know if this is brain fog if not then its so terrifying. I'm feeling forgetful, loss concentration, depression, Fatigue, intelligence down. I just want to know how did you know yours is brain fog? coz mine is still not diagnosed by a doctor, i think there's no doctor here that knows brain fog im fromphilippines.
—Guest Rufaidy

foggy not airheaded

I was enjoying all of the responses if you can call this whole "thing" enjoyable. I think it is more of a fellowship. I sometimes can't remember what my morning and afternoon K students have done, especially if we have had a special activity, that messed up the plan for the day. I forget former student's names, and had one challenge me last week, asking twice if I recalled his hame. I nodded and smiled and continued down the hallway. Rarely, I misread a label on a can or a box, creating a "new" word. I often forget a word and call it a whatchimacallit to everyone's amusement. I walk into a room to do something and forget why I went in there. I return where I came from to try to jumpstart my short-term memory. I hate telling jokes because I get nowhere near the punchline correctly. My spouse thinks I either fake it, am stupid, or crazy at times. I love use post it notes, look up things on my laptop, make lists at work, leave things out in plain sight to trigger memory! :)


I am 17 years old and a senior in highschool. I have been battling IBS and depression for 2 years and now I am in the process of being diagnosed with FM. And its hard. Everyday is a struggle because I am not on any medication yet. I have trouble getting to where I want to go because of my pain levels. But this new fibro fog started happening. I have trouble getting my words out of my mouth. Its embarassing to not be able to say what you want. Especially for a girl in highschool. I have a lot of friends and when we are all together I forget some of their names. In conversations ill stop mid sentence and forget what im talking about. Its frustrating and I havent told anybody what is going on yet. So I am on my own. I guess I am just on her to tell someone what it feels like. And I am glad I am not alone
—Guest scaredsilly

Crazy fog!

I have been shopping and suddenly cannot remember what shopping mall I am in. I have to stop myself having a panic attack by looking around till I recognize the area. I'm getting to the stage I don't go out without my hubby anymore.
—Guest Gail

is it easier as a "dumb blonde"?

Oh my I have a lifetime full of these moments. Recently I showed up for a Neurologist appt.@ 2 hrs. too late..on the way home I stopped at a new to me big store & soon realised I didn't know what town I was in...it panicked me as I wandered around store & outside til I knew where I was. 21 yrs ago I left an art bldg. w/ a large TV video camera I had on loan. A kindly young man(on a college campus) asked if he could help me carry this heavy thing...we went to one prkg. lot no not there, another lot car not there he was starting to panick but yay third lot there was my car right where I left it.
—Guest cedar

Brain Fog is social hell

I don't have a specific story but what I notice is that brain fog is terrible for work and social life. I try to avoid conversations because I'm too foggy to process information, It's really bad with fast talkers. I generally do a lot of nodding and I raise my eyebrows to try to put on an "alert" look. WHen the conversation has finished, I really couldn't tell you what exactly was discussed. The main goal is to get through a conversation without causing the other person to think your a gigantic moron. After work, I also tend to avoid conversations. Firstly, I generally don't care what other people have to say, I have too many other problems to work out for myself that occupy my mind. I also don't want to have to force myself to attempt to listen, pretend that I care or pretend that I understand what people are telling me more than I have to. Non CFS sufferers will never understand our world.
—Guest Jonathan

fibro fog

I have Fibromyalgia. I experience a lot of fibro fog, and its driving me crazy because I'm a junior in college and have a hard time remembering what is said in lectures and even typing emails, it takes me a long time to compose. I also cannot take notes for I get fatigued after half a page, and I can't remember anything I read half the time. Also the weight of my backpack hurts a lot carrying around campus and sitting for long periods of time hurts too. I wonder if I will ever be able to graduate.
—Guest majicpanther

Feels fog

Does anyone feel any sedation in their head during a fog flare up. I wake up everyday with a swollen face and can't think well. Somedays are not too bad. Then as the day progresses I have periods of time when the fog lifts and I can think clearer without so much effort. Often I forget so much and I use to have a remarkable memory. Sometimes I feel a sensation which feels like there is swelling in my head. I feel like I am wearing a helmet or something and I am not. I often have poor word recall and forget what I am doing. I also forget what I did the previous day. It feels like a fog comes over your brain and you can barely function and then later in the day my mind works way better. I also feel like I have the flu during the flare ups
—Guest Joy S

Is it just the high altitude?

Living below sea level my whole life, I really want to blame my brain fog on Colorado high altitude. A vacation recently had/has me worried a bit. While yes I have had more and more trouble remembering names etc up in the mountains I found over and over again I was giving definitions for words but could not remember what the word actually was. My dear friend that was with us said not to worry and she was very quick at jumping in with the word I needed. This is not a good thing as I work for an attorney. Yet daily at least once my once quick brain turns to mush. Just wanted to share. Thanks
—Guest Katsny

Where's that brain of mine gone?

When I trained as a nurse 40 odd years ago, I won a gold medal in my final examinations, which was considered to be a pretty big deal. I went back to work when my girls were in their teens & held positions of quite some responsibility,including Senior Occupational Health Nurse & Rehabilitation Co-ordinator, Workers Compensation Officer and Safety Officer. I've also been told I am quite well read and could converse on a pretty wide range of subjects. Along comes FMS and changes all that big time! When it was really bad, I couldn't remember the names of the simplest things and my dear family, who are very supportive and loving, but also wicked & twisted, christened me "Nanna Derr" , or "Old Dopey".
—Guest Nanna Der.

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Brain Fog Stories

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