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Readers Respond: Finding a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Doctor

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Updated August 17, 2009

Good chronic fatigue syndrome doctors are out there! Have you found one? What did it take? Are you still searching? Find out how other people have found good chronic fatigue syndrome doctors, and share your experience to help other people.

No M.D.s To Treat Anything in AZ

I found one good doctor a few years ago, but his license has been restricted so if I need a stronger pain medication than Gabapentin, I'm screwed. I've tried other physicians, rheumatologists, etc., but they won't prescribe medications, like the one I take for ADHD, nor do they treat me like I have a brain or any experience living in my body. My current physician, who I can still go to for many things, is compassionate, kind and considerate. But I do need a rheumatologist or a similar doctor who is nearby. Many listed on sites, including CoCure, are no longer in business here in Arizona or are dead (Dr. Oscar Gluck, for example). So those sites are useless. Some doctors I found want me to see them first at another office, another office that's 20-plus miles away, one-way, and which would cause me so much pain I wouldn't be able to do anything for days or weeks afterward. I've seen pain specialists since a very bad auto accident in 1988, and nothing they do helps anymore.
—Guest Sick Tired

Found 2 Great CFS/ME & FMS Docs

I was dx by my pcp for my fms and by my pain mgmt spec. for the cfs/me. However I found my doctors on my own. I don't even remember how I did it, I was so sick at the time. I just remember that I knew Dr Charles Lapp was a world reknowned specialist for cfs/me and fms. I am treated by him and his partner Dr Laura Black and have nothing but superb things to say about their compassionate, knowledgable up-to date care. They don't take Medicare or file insurance so if you have other insurance you must file that on your own which is the only hassle. However I am more than willing to pay what I do for the wonderful care I receive that has helped me cope so well over the last 4 years with these dratted diseases thru the ups and downs. Lately I've been more up than down with fewer relapses and flares and I attribute that to them and all they've taught me. The support group Dr Lapp runs helps tremendously also.

dont know where to start

I'd like to start at my PCP, but I've never brought any of this up before with him and ive been seeing him for a couple of years. I thought i had anxiety/depression (along with the physical manifestations of that) and ADHD. But the meds he put me on (prozac/adderall- tried 5 or so other ssri's and add meds)dont work very well. I feel like im minimally functional but better than without any medication. I told him i thought the adhd meds were triggering my mitral valve prolapse episodes and causing almost anxiety attacks. He told me "mitral valve prolapse is not even considered a diagnosis anymore. It falls into that 'black hole' category ALONG WITH FIBROMYALGIA". I'm scared to go to him with my revelation that i fit this FMS profile to a 'T' because I'm afraid he'll think i' making it up. My mom thinks i should find a new PCP and go from there but I'm not sure. That is a lot to hit a brand new doc with at the first visit! I just know I need help or I'm going to be in hell forever...
—Guest Colleen

Fibromyagia and myofasical pain and CF

I saw an internist, an endocrinologist and a Rhematoligist.They diagnosed me w/Fibro,hypothroidism, and endometrosis. I eas around 22. I had gone to many drs, but was told to see a Psch. I refused. I was the youngest prson DR. Jundt had ever seen wtih Fibro, and said he did not know what to do. I stayed with him for 17 years. We tried what he ussed for older adults. Then, a friend told me about Prozac. We tried it. I was slow to take it all the time. When he stressed that I take, It tokk me 1 yr to lift a 5lb weight and ride a bike 5 min. soon, I could ride my stairmaster an hour. H e was so proud of me. I took xanax at night to help me sleep. I went on to compete in bodybuilding some in Texas, had 3 children and work full time. I now haave to see a psch in Midland. He knows a lot about fibro. I take klonpin and Ambien. Sleep makes the difference. I atill have bad and good days.I take no pain pills.NOwheatMilk
—Guest Autumn Spencer

Decent FMS Doc, but

Haven't found a Dr. who knows much about CFS yet !! Just got lucky finding my current FMS Doc, had seen probably 15 that were NO GOOD !

Finding a good Fibro Doctor

My PCP was the one that DX'ed my Fibro. He ran test after test on me and then after about 6 months said its one of two things. Its either Fibro or its (and now for the life of me I cant remember the other one) but any way. He sent me to a Rhemo. Who did a couple of test on me and then agreed with my PCP and it was Fibro. Once both of them agreed. I just decided to stay with my PCP I felt so good about him and he listens so well. If I feel if something isnt right and he normally agrees with me then he will send me some where to have it checked out. This same thing was done in April of this year. Turns out I had torn a ligament in my right shoulder which had to be repaired. But instead of trying different things he sent me for an MRI and right to an ortho doc. My doc is wonderful. I just wish everybody could have him.

Good CFS doctor in MN

I am searching for an educated and compassionate doctor in MN who specializes in the treatment of CFS.

cfs doctor

I have been going to Atlanta to the FM/CFS clinic and I'm slowly getting better. My pain is reduced considerably and I am now being treated for things I didn't know I had. They have tests that my GP isn't equipped to run. I highly recommend it, but it's best if you go more often than I am able to, every 6 weeks. My dr has realized that if I could come every 3 weeks, I would feel much better, but not possible now.
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