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Readers Respond: Top Supplements as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Treatments

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Updated April 13, 2009

Supplements Work!!! No Meds for me

I take daily Co Q 10, B12, B100, Calcium Magnesium Zinc three times a day, Fish Oil, Chrominum, and SAM E and a multu vitamin. I get accupuncture once a month and massage once a month, I aslo walk three times a week at least. When I first was diagnosed I could not walk up the stairs and cried because of the pain. Even when I have pain now it is not dibilitating and it usually means I have stress of have over done it. This has worked for me and many, please try it if you can.
—Guest Rosawoo

Wonderful Idea

after reading all the good responses, i think the best idea i found here is to start keeping a medical-only journal from day 1 or now, include all drs appts(reasons,outcomes), meds & supplements and reactions. after 16 yrs of fibro fog, i sure hate repeating med trials cuz i can't remember what i took, what it did, etc. i take mine to every dr appt and test and procedure. i put down drs names, phone #, speciality,dates,outcomes--worth its' weight in gold.
—Guest kat3331


I never read about adrenal supplements. These have been my lifesavers. Bovine adrenal glands have given me the energy to keep my part time job and family going for years. Adding CoQ10 woke me up and actually made me feel rested in the mornings.
—Guest keepongoing

FM/CMS since I was 14

I got what I now identify as FM/CMS at 14. I am 35 now and went through hell untill found how to deal with it. For me 5-HTP, Omega3 and Ginkgo biloba do the job. For some reason Ginkgo biloba improves brain circulation, which helps regenerate central nervous system damage, so I do not feel so much pain and I sleep better. I tried only 5-HTP before, but adding Omega 3 and Ginkgo Biloba for the last 6 months made significant change. I was on an antidepressant for the last 4 years due to severe depression caused by pain and lack of Serotonin. But now I could completely replace SSRI with 5-HTP, Omega 3 and Ginkoe Biloba. However, I constantly exercise and started adding lot of greens (fresh salad) to improve vitamin K intake, which aided to overall benefits. I will also try other suplements suggested by others.
—Guest Mindiga


I have been reading all your suggestions for supplements with great interest. I have been down the subscriptions road with nsaid's and anti-depressants for about 6 years. These helped me only for a while and with some very unpleasant side effects. I take too many supplements to mention but the most recent one that seems to be helping since the last 5 days is Alpha-Lipoic Acid 200 mg on an empty stomach in the morning. Just a little burning side effect. In these last 5 days, although not totally free from soreness, I have not touched any other meds. When I am stiff and start to move around I can manage the pain better than I have for a very long time. Hope this continues. Thanks all for your invaluable suggestions. Keep them coming!!!!!!


The only supplement that I have found to work, for me, is MIRAC. It is a combination of pineapple and grape seed bioflavinoids. I do not take the full amount as I have developed late in life allergy to pineapple and other things. Many times I must stop the regimen, recover and begin again. My doctor introduced me to this supplement and I love her for that.

member (re: burning feet)

thanks for all the info... it is the tops of my feet that burn, BURN... what you describe as allodynia... i was beginning to think i had sugar but i really don't think so.... i am being tested... i have had polio, shingles, migraines, tics, etc..... i will be trying the epsom salts and finding out more info about the meds, etc... again, thanx for giving all the info....
—Guest nancy hoiaas

detox B12

Tried detox for blood circulation & vit b12 which relief pain immediately. I'am suffering fibro more than 5 years. I got a terrible muscle pain & weakness after taking statin. If you have fibro, don't ever tried statin for lowering cholesterol..
—Guest kamar

St. John's Wort and birth control

St. John's Wort is known to interfere with the efficacy of oral contraceptives....last thing you need if you're depressed:)
—Guest kim

Watch your wheat/gluten

I found out that I have wheat/gluten allergies and that was what was causing most of my fibromyalgia symptoms. I went to an "alternative" doctor and she put me on various supplements and herbs and started me eating organic foods. I feel 100% better since going to her.
—Guest ginger72

Supplements that helped

I was orginally diagnosed in 1988 with CFS. I quit my job, sleep for six months and tried everything I could to relive my symptoms. The worse thing other than the constant fatigue and anxiety attacks was the feeling that my nerves had all been stripped of their coating. I imagined it was an electric wire with no covering. There was some product out at the time (can't remember the name) but I lovingly called it Swamp Juice and it was just a big load of magnesium. Really, really helped. I started small and walked for 15 minutes a day. 7 minutes out, 8 minutes to get back. Then slept the rest of the day. Eventually I took a 12 hour per week job - thought I would die the first week. But kept getting better and got back to my usual 70 hour a week work schedule. Takes effort and patience to survive and recover from this disease. Good luck.
—Guest Cheryl

Ozone therapy / supplement

Supplements usually only help the symptoms.....mostly they don't help the underlying problems that are causing everything. I've been sick since at least 2001. What most people don't understand about severe chronic fatigue or fibro is that there is an underlying problem: yeast, food allergies, spinal misalignment or subluxations, heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, or blood is too acidic. Most people have misaligned spines or spine subluxations and don't realize...since they just have joint pain or headaches.....I didn't realize it. Nobody ever told me it might cause my problems. Find a chiro that takes X-rays every 3 months to show you are being fixed. My chiro taught me more than all my docs (put together). Just started ozone therapy also a few months ago. It inactivates yeast, improves circulation, balances ph in body, detoxes heavy metals, and some say it even kills viruses. Has to be ozone made by cold fusion (so it doesn't make nitrous gas).
—Guest Texas Teacher


Like Guest Soleil, I had my dhea checked and it was low. After one month on it, as well as magnesium, my legs dont kill me like they did before, i have a little more stamina/exercise tolerance, a bit more energy. i wouldn't take dhea unless it was shown you are low, but you should have it investigated as a source of your fibro. i was glad i (finally) did. ps: other hormones, such as estro & progesterone were low too.


Had fibro. since a child. At 40yrs. began vitamin therapy, esp. Vit C and cod liver oil. Helped about 50%. A few years later began running. Fibro completely disappeared for almost 25 years. At age 69 I stopped running (foot problem) but continued walking. Lately, age 73, with reduced aerobic exercise fibro is making a reappearance. Continue with massage and yoga and supplements. Combination of vigorous exercise, diet and supplements the best. Go for it! P.S. I was not at all athletic as a child. No energy and the muscle pain thing. It was hard for me to start running, but I measured a mile and made myself run/walk until I could run the distance - then 2 and then 8 - 9 miles. I ran about 5 days a week, averaging 20 miles a week. Took multi, C, extra B, CoQ mainly
—Guest marthy

Fibromyalgia& Glutathione Connection

After suffering for 15 years , trying everything known to man , my life is changed. I wrote an article in the Healthy Times news paper ( June/ July issue ), see the above title . I still have Fbro , but haven't felt it , since on the prduct, last October. There is hope .... Aline
—Guest Aline Adside

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Top Supplements as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Treatments

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