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Readers Respond: Top Supplements as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Treatments

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Updated April 13, 2009

Supplements that helped

I was orginally diagnosed in 1988 with CFS. I quit my job, sleep for six months and tried everything I could to relive my symptoms. The worse thing other than the constant fatigue and anxiety attacks was the feeling that my nerves had all been stripped of their coating. I imagined it was an electric wire with no covering. There was some product out at the time (can't remember the name) but I lovingly called it Swamp Juice and it was just a big load of magnesium. Really, really helped. I started small and walked for 15 minutes a day. 7 minutes out, 8 minutes to get back. Then slept the rest of the day. Eventually I took a 12 hour per week job - thought I would die the first week. But kept getting better and got back to my usual 70 hour a week work schedule. Takes effort and patience to survive and recover from this disease. Good luck.
—Guest Cheryl

Ozone therapy / supplement

Supplements usually only help the symptoms.....mostly they don't help the underlying problems that are causing everything. I've been sick since at least 2001. What most people don't understand about severe chronic fatigue or fibro is that there is an underlying problem: yeast, food allergies, spinal misalignment or subluxations, heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, or blood is too acidic. Most people have misaligned spines or spine subluxations and don't realize...since they just have joint pain or headaches.....I didn't realize it. Nobody ever told me it might cause my problems. Find a chiro that takes X-rays every 3 months to show you are being fixed. My chiro taught me more than all my docs (put together). Just started ozone therapy also a few months ago. It inactivates yeast, improves circulation, balances ph in body, detoxes heavy metals, and some say it even kills viruses. Has to be ozone made by cold fusion (so it doesn't make nitrous gas).
—Guest Texas Teacher


Like Guest Soleil, I had my dhea checked and it was low. After one month on it, as well as magnesium, my legs dont kill me like they did before, i have a little more stamina/exercise tolerance, a bit more energy. i wouldn't take dhea unless it was shown you are low, but you should have it investigated as a source of your fibro. i was glad i (finally) did. ps: other hormones, such as estro & progesterone were low too.


Had fibro. since a child. At 40yrs. began vitamin therapy, esp. Vit C and cod liver oil. Helped about 50%. A few years later began running. Fibro completely disappeared for almost 25 years. At age 69 I stopped running (foot problem) but continued walking. Lately, age 73, with reduced aerobic exercise fibro is making a reappearance. Continue with massage and yoga and supplements. Combination of vigorous exercise, diet and supplements the best. Go for it! P.S. I was not at all athletic as a child. No energy and the muscle pain thing. It was hard for me to start running, but I measured a mile and made myself run/walk until I could run the distance - then 2 and then 8 - 9 miles. I ran about 5 days a week, averaging 20 miles a week. Took multi, C, extra B, CoQ mainly
—Guest marthy

Fibromyalgia& Glutathione Connection

After suffering for 15 years , trying everything known to man , my life is changed. I wrote an article in the Healthy Times news paper ( June/ July issue ), see the above title . I still have Fbro , but haven't felt it , since on the prduct, last October. There is hope .... Aline
—Guest Aline Adside


I have learned to "control" my FM pain with magnesium and malate combination supplements, Omegas, Vitamin D and Calcium...and others...but these are the main ones which help me...I have multiple health issues and I also have chronic fatigue every day which I have not been able to find anything that helps enough....but I am still looking...everything is a process...no overnight fixes...it takes time and effort to figure out what your body needs...it is a process...a trial and error process...I think Vitamin D will be studied even more now and found to be a valuable source in helping FM pain.
—Guest MiMi


I have tried almost every suppliment, more than once. Please keep a journal, as many have side effects, and it is easy to forget the side effects and decide to try something agan that has bad side effects. For me, Gamma Orizinol (starting 1/2 pill/day, and ramping up to 3 to 4 pills a day made me much less anxious and able to handle my day. Also licorace on Days 1-11 of my menstral cycle= great energy (take 1st thing in AM, as it takes 3 hrs to work) On days 12-end of each menstral month, I get hot flashes. (Same w/progesterone cream. Most suppliments dont' work well for me, as I am a extrememe side effect kind of gal.
—Guest Lisaply


For my FM/CFS I have taken 2,000mg. Vit.C~Alpha Lipoic Acid~L Carnitine~5HTP~SAM-E~ daily for 2 yrs. Before starting these, I didn't have much quality of life at all---hurting all the time and just dragging around, pushing myself to the limit to accomplish the everyday tasks. The supplements helped quite a bit. About a year ago, I learned of injections of vitamins and enzymes that were being given as treatment for weight loss-- they found that a side effect of the injections was that they helped fibro & cfs symptoms. Since I am about 30 lbs. overweight, I thought I would give them a try and just see what happens. I felt a little better a couple of days after the first shot, went back the next week and got one-and felt even better. By the 4th shot, I could tell a huge difference in my energy, my pain, my state of mind. I was starting to feel almost like a new person. After living w/this for 20 yrs., I finally found something that made a huge difference in me. The only problem is cost

Eleuthero, nettle seeds and multivitamin

Eleuthero, nettle seeds and a strong multivitamin is what I take for fatigue and it helps. Eleuthero probably the most, but it takes a few weeks before it really kicks in.
—Guest Mark

Magnesium helps!

Magnesium helps reduce my muscle spasms significantly!

works for me

I use suppliments to support my other health issues, giving less for the Fibro to amplify. I have found using 200 mg l-theanine and 3mg of melatonin works as well if not better than Ambien or Lunesta for sleeping. I like that I don't wake up overmedicated. I take 400mg folic acid, 1200mg sublingual b-12 and a B50 - complex daily for stress and fatigue. I also use Solaray SP-17 Liver Blend to support the liver, since so many of the meds we are given are processed thru the liver. I also find eleuthero (an adaptogen) helps with the fatique, but also my blood pressure and glucose readings, it nicely compliments Alpha-Lipoic Acid that I find helpful for in my efforts for glucose control and avoiding diabetic neuropathy. I try to limit my pharmaceuticals, as I was oversedated and had falling issues before cutting back the CNS drugs. Things are better now.
—Guest greenSearcher

If you have muscle pain check your D

My muscles HURT so badly when I went in for my last check up with my Rheumotologist. He checked my Vitamin D level and it was severely deficient! He prescribed a supplement for 12 weeks (high dosage) then over the counter D will be fine! So far I have seen results with less tenderness and pain in my muscles.
—Guest kcjeneleigh


i have found coq 10 and magnesiam help with the muscle pain, also calcium with D
—Guest judy helsel


My doctor tested my DHEA-Sulfate levels and based on the results I take 5mg of micronized DHEA three times per week. The best source I have found for micronized DHEA (and in the smaller dose of 5mg) is www.myvitanet.com I would only take this since I am in the lower end of normal range on the blood test, since DHEA is a steriod and should not be used if not needed and should not be discontinued unless levels go high or symptoms of acne and darker facial hair occur. It does seem to help energy and help to eliminate viruses. I also take a simple multivitamin, Publix essential, similar to One-a-day essential, 500mg of Ester C twice/day, 12.5mg of zinc (more than the RDA can have an opposite effect on the immune system), and 500mcg of biotin. I find this combination is simple, easy on the stomach and seems to help the immune system.
—Guest Soleil


supplements get rid of probem. drugs just get symptoms. only way to get well is to use alternative doctors and ways. wake up you all.
—Guest suzi
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