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Reader Stories: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Disability Stories


Updated May 05, 2011

People with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can face extra hurdles when applied for disability benefits. Read what other people with these conditions have gone through to better prepare yourself for the process.

Diability case won for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome

One thing I saw in the books I read about the process was to be sure and meet with the Social Security people in person--as is our right--when I submitted my claim. My husband took me to that appoint…More

Social Security Employee Tips for Disability Claim

You MUST hire a lawyer.Social Security Judge will not even look at an appeal that doesn't have a lawyer.If you have a lawyer that isn't helping you, get a new one.We also had to contact our Congressm…More

Won Disability Claim on Appeals

I filed, got rejected. Found an attorney who filed an appeal. It then took 3 years for the hearing. There was an expert there that the judge asked about the timing I would need between rest times, ac…More

Won Disability Claim for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

My biggest problem came from being assigned to a judge who was hostile to CFS applicants. My lawyer told me straight out, "You're not going to win with this one." The crazy thing is that the people a…More

Kept Good Records to Win Disability Claim

My PCP and Rhuemy was wonderful. My Rhuemy even wrote in my chart that I couldnt work but 15 minutes in a one hour period.The whole process was kinda easy as long as I tried to keep track of everythi…More

Document Everything to Win Disability Claim

Expect to be turned down. I think that it was on the third or fourth try, they sent the case to a hearing. It has become an even longer wait to get a hearing. Keep reapplying. The attorney takes a pe…More

Won Fibromyalgia Disability Case Quickly

When the necessary paperwork was filed I was asked to come to interview with the local Social Security Disability counselor. This was in 1994, in Wilmington, Delaware. The counselor asked me if I'd b…More

Won Disability Claim Without an Attorney

Monsterous and lots of paper work and research I didn't have the energy to do. Took me much longer than average person. Had a couple of reliable professionals who knew I needed disability benefits bu…More

Credits Company for Winning Disability Claim

All done by Allsup ... after my doctor messed up the initial ones ... SS called me and said my doctor wouldn't give them info. unless they paid them $50 (they could only pay $15) - I told my doctor a…More

Fought Long & Hard to Get Diability Benefits

The filing process other than being aggravating and time consuming wasn't really an issue for me since I had an attorney to do the paperwork for me. The first appeal was again just paperwork, however…More

5-Year Battle For Disability Benefits With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The most frustrating part of the appeals process was the psychiatric consults - some of whom had never even met me. They consistently wrote reports that directly conflicted with the evidence gathered…More

Disability Claim: Demeaning Process

The process was unbelievable as it was demeaning, the stress exacerbated the illnesses, the lawyers would not file the 99-2 meant to expedite the process for ME/CFS despite numerous requests, I lost …More

Won Fibromyalgia Disability Claim Due to Diagnosis

I never appealed the first three times and after 4th application I was awarded it as I had been diagnosed. I found the forms really confusing it took me roughly 4hrs to fill mine in.You can't miss an…More

Disability Claim for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia

After being denied my 1st time, I got a lawyer who happened to be an ex SS judge so he knew the ropes. I was told it would take 3-5 yrs. When i finally got to have my case before the judge and he hea…More

Disability Won for Depression, Not Fibromyalgia

It was the usual, exactly what I expected from what I read about the process on the Internet. Initial request, denied. First appeal, denied. Second appeal, denied. What could I do? I'd call each time…More

Disability Filing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Seizures

I hired the attorney on Sept. 10, and that was smooth enough. I filled out the paperwork timely. Didn't really seem to encounter any problems along the way, just lots of paperwork from social securit…More

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