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Understanding fibromyalgia is key to feeling better! Get a solid foundation of knowledge so you can wrap your head around what's going on in your body.
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Fibromyalgia Myth vs. Fact
Myths about fibromyalgia abound. See what some of them are and how they're countered by fact.

What is Juvenile Fibromyalgia?
Learn the basics of juvenile fibromyalgia, including symptoms, treatments, and how it's different from adult fibromyalgia.

Myths About Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
See what's myth & what's fact.

Pain Inhibition in Fibromyalgia
Pain inhibition is believed to be dysregulated in fibromyalgia. See what effect that has.

Explaining Fibromyalgia - Ideas for Explaining Fibromyalgia to Your F…
It's always a challenge explaining fibromyalgia to the people around us. Get ideas from other people with the condition so you have a better handle on explaining fibromyalgia and share the explanations that have (or haven't) worked for you.

What is Fibromyalgia?
Learn the basics of fibromyalgia, its many symptoms, and what treatment options are available. Also find other resources to help you learn more about diagnosing, managing and coping with fibromyalgia.

History of Fibromyalgia

Unrefreshing Sleep in Fibromyalgia
How well do you sleep? Find out about unrefreshing sleep and how to treat it.

A Simple Explanation of Fibromyalgia
Have you tried to understand fibromyalgia but can't get past the medical jargon? Are you struggling to comprehend how a bizarre conglomeration of symptoms that come and go can all stem from one condition? Get a simple explanation of what's going on in the body of someone with fibromyalgia.

The 7 Types of Fibromyalgia Pain
Fibromyalgia pain isn't easy to define. In fact, it's made up of several different kinds of pain. Is your skin painful to touch? Does your pain move around? Learn about different kinds of fibromyalgia pain and what treatments may work for them.

Fibromyalgia Pain - Types of Fibromyalgia Pain
Fibromyalgia pain isn't all one type of pain - it can be several different types. See what types of fibromyalgia pain other people have and share your own experience.

Fibromyalgia Pain Terms
You need to understand your pain to find the right treatments. These fibromyalgia pain terms can help you communicate with your doctor, understand your options, and get a handle on what's going on in your body.

Evidence the Pain is REAL
See physiological evidence that demonstrates fibromyalgia pain is real and has a physical basis.

Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding fibromyalgia is difficult. Get started on the path toward understanding fibromyalgia by getting answers to common questions. Also find out how to get answers to your own questions.

Could chronic lower back pain mean fibromyalgia?
Could chronic lower back pain mean you have fibromyalgia? Find out what your doctor will look for before making a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia Fact Sheet
Get basic facts about fibromyalgia, treating fibromyalgia, symptoms of fibromyalgia, diagnosing fibromyalgia, what doctors treat fibromyalgia and more. Also get links to more in-depth information about all the topics covered.

Take the Fibromyalgia Screening Quiz
See whether your symptoms are consistent with fibromyalgia.

Tender Point vs. Trigger Point
Are tender points and trigger points the same thing? If not, what roles does each play in fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia in Men
Fibromyalgia is more common in women, but men get it, too. Find out what's different about fibromyalgia in men.

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