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Dealing With Doctor & Diagnosis Problems

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Updated May 24, 2010

Those of us with fibromyalgia (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) can face special challenges when it comes to doctors and diagnoses. The diagnostic process can be long and complicated. Not all doctors accept these as "real" illnesses. You may be told your symptoms are "all in your head." And sometimes, the doctor-patient relationship breaks down.

Trisha Torrey, About.com Guide to Patient Advocacy, is an expert on these issues and has articles designed to walk you through them.

  • Why Does My Doctor Send Me for So Many Medical Tests?
    You find yourself at the lab once again, giving more blood in the hopes of finding out what's causing all these symptoms. What's the reason behind all of this?

  • When You Can't Get a Diagnosis
    Sometimes, a doctor just isn't able to come up with a diagnosis. That can be frustrating and frightening when you're the patient. Get an understanding of the common reasons for a failure to diagnose.

  • Is Your Illness All In Your Head?
    While FMS and ME/CFS are not all in your head, psychosomatic and somatoform disorders can present with similar symptoms. Learning about these types of illnesses may help you get a handle on whether they do or don't fit your situation.

  • Is It Time to Change Doctors?
    Sometimes circumstances force you to change doctors, but other times you may believe you'd get better medical care elsewhere. Look over some common reasons to find a new doctor and get resources to help you start your new doctor-patient relationship on the right foot.
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