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How To Score the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ)


Updated: October 26, 2006

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When you have completed your FIQ, follow these steps to find your total score. (For ease of scoring, this is a simplified version of the scoring method used by researchers.)
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. The first 11 questions are scored together.
    • Add all of the numbers circled.
    • Divide the total by the number of questions answered.
    • Multiply that number by 3.33.
    • Your score is: ________
  2. Question 12
    • Assign the following values to your answer: 0=7 points, 1=6 points, 2=5 points, 3=4 points, 4=3 points, 5=2 points, 6=1 point, 7=0 points.
    • Multiply the number of points by 1.43.
    • Your score is: ________
  3. Question 13
    • Use the number circled as the number of points.
    • Multiply the number of points by 1.43.
    • Your score is: ________
  4. Questions 14 – 20
    • Add the numbers from all seven questions.
    • Your score is: ________
  5. Results:
    Add the four scores above for your total score.


  1. The higher the total score, the greater impact FM is having on the person’s life.
  2. The average FM patient scores 50. Severely afflicted patients score 70+.
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