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ADHD, Adderall, and Sleep Issues - ADD/ADHD - About.com
Jun 19, 2014 ... Sleep issues in children and adolescents with ADHD are a common occurrence. Sometimes the stimulant medication affects sleep. Other times ...
Sleep Issues Caused by Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Panic Disorder
Dec 1, 2014 ... Persistent panic attacks, fear, and anxiety can interfere with your sleep. Find out more about common sleep issues associated with panic disorder.
Menopause - Sleep - Women's Health Issues - Sleeping and ...
Menopause often causes women to experience sleep issues which sometimes causes other women's health issues. Discover the facts about sleep disorders ...
Depression and Sleep Issues in Children - About.com
Sep 3, 2013 ... Depression and sleep issues are commonly associated with childhood depression. In fact, sleep problems may be present in up to ...
Common Clinical Issues During Sleep Video
There are any number of clinical sleep issues that could be affecting your overall health. This video from About.com will go over some common clinical sleep ...
Study Blames Sleep Issues On Gadgets With Bright Displays
According to a survey conducted by the NSF, 43% of Americans between the ages of 13 and 64 say they rarely get a good night's sleep, while 95% of those ...
Sleep Issues and Autism - Sleep and Autism - Insomnia and Autism
Sleep issues often go along with autism spectrum disorders. Read more about sleep, autism, and how to get some shut-eye!
ADHD and Sleep Problems - Sleep Problems Associated with ADHD
Jun 13, 2014 ... Individuals with ADHD often experience problems with sleep and for many these issues have been present since infancy. Steve Wisbauer/Getty ...
Kids Still Sleeping With You? Help Them Sleep Alone - Single Parents
Now I want them to sleep in their own beds. How can I encourage them to sleep alone without hurting their feelings? Answer: I can understand why you would ...
Sleep Problems When You Have PTSD
Nov 25, 2014 ... Insomnia: Conceptual issues in the development, maintenance, and treatment of sleep disorders in adults. Annual Review of Psychology, 53, ...
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