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Does Fibromyalgia Make Your Feet Hurt?

Could Be a Symptom, Could Be Something Else


Updated June 13, 2014

Does Fibromyalgia Make Your Feet Hurt?

Here's a symptom I really hate: waking up with my feet sore like I've been standing for hours, stepping on something and having it feel like I've been cut, and not being able to find shoes and socks that don't cause more pain.

For about half of us, foot pain is a very real part of fibromyalgia. It wasn't one of my early symptoms, but it did creep up on me a couple of years in. It was mild at first, then got so bad that at times I couldn't stand touching a foot to the floor.

However, if you've got foot pain, don't assume it's "just" a fibromyalgia symptom. Something else could be wrong, and the additional source of pain can rev up your nervous system and make fibromyalgia worse.

To learn more about our foot pain and what else could be going on, see:


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