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Adrienne Dellwo

Fibromyalgia & Polymyalgia Rheumatica: Know the Difference

By September 13, 2010

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We hear all the time that it's hard to diagnose fibromyalgia because it's similar to so many other conditions. One of those similar conditions is polymyalgia rheumatica (PR).

It's possible that PR could be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, or that it could be overlooked in people with fibromyalgia, especially if it develops early. Because PR is most common after age 50, doctors may not even consider it in younger people. However, I recently had a 48-year-old reader contact me with her story:

"A couple of months before I started suffering of FMS, back in 1989, I had specific pain in my shoulders and lower back, with an extraordinary swelling of my shoulders and the base of my neck. Sometimes the swelling would take my whole arm including the top of my hand. Until last year I swore it was all part of FMS, despite reading many times that FMS does not produce swelling. Last year I found out the swelling comes from Polymyalgia Rheumatica." -Lucy

Lucy, thank you for your story and for showing us that PR isn't always related to age (and happy late birthday, too!)

Identifying Polymyalgia Rheumatica

The primary symptoms of PR include:

  • Moderate to severe pain in the neck, shoulder and hips that's accompanied by inflammation
  • Stiffness that's worse in the morning (as with fibromyalgia)
  • Possible flu-like symptoms, including fever, weakness (sometimes reported in fibromyalgia; typical in chronic fatigue syndrome)

No single blood test can diagnose PR, but doctors look for an elevated sed rate, which shows whether you have inflammation. In people with fibromyalgia, the sed rate is typically normal (barring comorbid conditions that involve inflammation.)

A high sed rate is common to a lot of conditions, but taken along with symptoms and tests to rule out other conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis), it can help a doctor diagnose PR.

Here's an article with lots of great information on PR, from About.com Arthritis Guides Carol & Richard Eustice:

The best news about PR is that it's easy to treat with steroids. The bad news, if you also have fibromyalgia, is that we don't tend to tolerate steroids well.

Do the symptoms of PR seem to fit you? Have you been tested for or diagnosed with it? Do you think your doctor may have overlooked it because of your age? Leave your comments below!

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September 14, 2010 at 3:24 am
(1) Mary Landis says:

Oh, my. I developed PR about 3 1/2 years ago on top of a ten year case of fibromyalgia. I thought my fibromyalgia had just worsened. My doctor took lots of blood tests to find out what was wrong, and diagnosed me with PM. If you read about PM on the Mayo clinic site, three different viruses can trigger PM which is an auto immune condition. I had the childhood virus. PM is commonly treated with prednisone, but while it initialy seems like a miracle cure, if you have fibromyalgia, DONT TAKE IT. Dr. Teitalbaum says that immune systems are already compromised with fibromyalgia. On prednosone, my immune system completely colapsed. I will write more, but am sending this now.

September 14, 2010 at 1:46 pm
(2) Nina says:

I have had FM for years as well as AS and other painful back conditions but after reading this posting and Dr. Teitalbaum’s book, I am concerned. I have been on prednisone and have been weaning myself off of it now only taking 2.5 mg daily for pain from inflammation. I notice a marked increase in severe pain but will continue to wean off of the prednisone. Thank you for the article.

September 17, 2010 at 5:07 pm
(3) louise says:


I was told this year that i have got polymyalgia rheumatica
and fibromyalgia
i have had this condition for 3 years and the pain is so bad that you dont want to move but you have to carry on moveing about or it will be worst
it just started with a very bad cold, tryed lots of diffirant tablets but nothing seams to make the pain go away for long i have good days and bad days when i just do not want to do anything at all,

September 17, 2010 at 7:02 pm
(4) Lucie says:

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if I also have this in conjunction with fibromyalgia…I always have swelling in the oddest places that just don’t “fit the fibro profile” including and not limiting my ankles, around the foot itself and then some. It figures there wouldn’t be a reliable test for this either such as with fibromyalgia..we can send a man to the moon but we can’t yet diagnose alot of these conditions? What is wrong with this picture I ask???????

September 18, 2010 at 9:13 am
(5) Lucy says:

Thanks! I had a great time celebrating with my family at a restaurant.

And about Lucie’s comment, my ankles also swell, but not as bad as my shoulders, upper arms and base of the neck. And if I peal more than a couple of potatoes, for example, my fingers, top of my hands and top of my wrists swell immediately, besides the pain. I can’t wear most of bracelets or rings or necklaces. I have to weigh them first (in my hand) to make sure they won’t increase the pain and produce additional swelling.

I chose not to use steroids or any other medication as a steady treatment. PMR has no cure. When the pain is too much I take a very hot shower, take some ibuprofen, get my favorite ice cream and listen to my favorite music. Sooner or later the pain will decrease, and then I keep moving on.

September 18, 2010 at 11:19 am
(6) Lee Ann Myers says:

I was 48 when I first started having problems. I hurt all over, was tired all of the time, had pain in my back along my shoulders. I also had had shingles a couple years before that had started on my right shoulder blade. But my main symptom was my hands and wrists were swelled most of the time, especially in the morning. I went to the Dr. thinking that I might have rheumatoid arthitis. He did a lot of tests and came up with a diagonsis of polymalgia based on my sed rate which was sky high. I was given predisone which seemed to help at first, but I got to the point that I could not tolerate it. I also felt like I had the stomach flu most of the time. I ended up going to see a rheumatoligist who then decided that I had fibro based on my tender points. He also was not a nice person. He put down my complaints of pain, told me that all I needed was to think positive and to try harder. Needless to say, I was really a mess by then. I had got to the point that I was having a hard time making it to work when it was all I could do just getting out of bed in the morning. I had a job where calling in sick was not on option unless you were contagious. I ended up with a Dr. who believes what I say and treats me like a human being. We worked together and I can at least function on most days. I also ended up quitting my job and am on disability now. To make a long story short, I wonder if I have both fibro and poly. My sed rate still runs high and if I do much with my hands they will swell and hurt. My feet are the same way. I know what I will ask my Dr. on my next visit. I didn’t realize that you could have both. P.S. Thanks for listening to me.

September 18, 2010 at 2:55 pm
(7) shoshana says:

I have had FMS for many many years – most of them without knowing but definitely suspecting. for the last two years I have had swelling in my left leg and specifically in my ankle – which I have broken 3 times (due to my lack of balance and vertigo). the doctors say that I should expect my ankle to be swollen (and my leg?) because of all the trauma. i have to take anti inflamation medication twice a day with meals just to get through the day. who knows what I have?? the doctors certainly do not know!!

September 18, 2010 at 8:43 pm
(8) pam says:

I have an aunt and an uncle (brother and sister of my father) who both have poly and I have had fibro and cfs for 17 and 3 years respectively. Is is then likely I’ll go on to develop poly like my aunt and uncle? Im 45 now but my aunt and uncle are in their 70′s. My daughter is 24 now and we think she has had fibro for the past 18 months but they wont refer her to a consultant for diagnosis, although are giving her low dose amatryptaline. Id say we have a family “history” if not hereditary wouldnt you?

September 23, 2010 at 6:20 am
(9) dollar - South Afirca says:

you it really hurts to be in pain and no one believe you. i cannot even visit my other family cause i know i don’t have balance so i prefer to be near the one’s who know me. i have all the above syptoms and i was told 8yrs back that i have FMS but suffered for the past 18yrs with out a clue. i really thank you guys for sharing your stories.

my present problem is ankles which are very painfull and become swollen. i have some lumps on my legs which leave a spot as if i burn myself. this lumps start as if something bite me, the happen inside my skin and after some days i see a dead skin coming up. i cannot wear a short now it looks as if i have burned patches. the spots are not painfull but they are become red when it is hot. i notice them last winter and they stop but again this winter they back.

i am a black south african women. this does not stress me because i’ve read about my condition. sory i also have psoriasis and psoriathic arthritis. when i was young i had juvenile polyarthritis. i think this i all conected to (autoimmune system). the only thing that keeps me going is that i still wake up and go to work. i don’t get tired all the time some days because i supplement, i also sleep well. the onlt serious problem is the 24/7 pain in all of my joints especially ankles,shoulders,fingers and spine.


September 24, 2010 at 4:42 pm
(10) kajem5gma says:

Diagnosed w/PMR about 6 wks. ago. Taking prednisone; hate this drug! Hope to have dosage decreased shortly. Side effects terrible.
Pain/problems with shoulder, arm, neck muscles actually began 2 to 3 years ago after a very stressful period in my life: shingles attack end of Dec. 2007; shortly husband diagnosed w/cancer & passed away within a month. Family history of auto-immune disease (sister who passed away). Can stress play a big part in this PMR?

September 29, 2010 at 11:26 am
(11) lynette stone says:

I need your help rather than leaving a comment.I can’t get a Doctor to give me any medication that really helps my Fibro pain.I had a spinal fusion done in February and the Doctor gave me Percosett.It helps my Fibro pain and back pain greatly but now my back Doctor said I have to go to pain management.I know Doctors don’t like to prescribe Opiates for Fibro but it’s the only drug I have taken that really helps my pain.Can you give me any advice as to what I should say or not say to the Doctor? I really find that an Opiate helps me so much.I am able to work more when I take it.Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

October 4, 2010 at 7:09 pm
(12) Adrienne Dellwo says:


It’s true that many doctors don’t like to prescribe narcotics for fibromyalgia. Since they help with your back pain, try to keep that the focus. A pain-management specialist should (I hope!) understand that any pain will basically aggravate fibromyalgia, so when your back is worse your fibro will be worse. Hopefully, the specialist will look at you as a spinal fusion patient who also has fibro and will treat your back pain appropriately.

Best of luck to you!

October 14, 2010 at 10:05 am
(13) Benia Zouras says:


I have Fibro and have recently been diagnosed by my dermatologist with Erythema Nodosum, as I have tender, slightly red lumps under the skin on my lower right leg. I’ve been doing much reading on them and noticed they are slightly warm to the touch as well, and look a bit like burns, as the lumps are not visible, they are found when you tough them lightly. Could this be what you’ve got?

They are associated with infections – anything from strep to tuberculosis – as well as other conditions like IBD and Lupus.

Look up EN and make sure you get checked for anything else associated with this, if you suspect you might have it. Best of luck to you.


October 14, 2010 at 11:27 am
(14) lynette stone says:

I wanted to follow up with you regarding my last comments on trying to get a Doctor to give me Percosette which contolls my back and Fibro pain wonderfully.Well,The Pain Management Doctor did exactly what I thought he would do.He told me he would not prescribe it.He tried to get me to use Steroids,which make me sick.So that was a waste of $40.00.So I went to see my Primary care Doctor and I basically did a “Presentation” for her.I took my information which was all from your newsletter, and highlighted it with yellow marker and presented my empty bottle of Percosette and my bottle of Ultram and told her that this combination of medications almost lets me feel like a normal person when taken together.Unbelievably she made me sign a MEDICAL CONTRACT and prescribed me one pill a day.This contract requires that I must see her every 3 months and if she requests it, that I can be drug tested to see if I am abusing it.Because of the drug problem in this country those of us who really need medication have to suffer with pain and be denied what will help us.I have suffered for 5 years now.It is rediculous what I have had to go thru to get pain relief!

October 19, 2010 at 5:23 pm
(15) Doris Bryant says:

I was just recently diagnosed with PMR. Iam 57 yrs old & a practicing Nichiren Buddhist. I saw two rheumatologist & the 1st one said I would need a low dosage steroid. The second said I would need a sleep study. Since I have CHF, obesity, & diabetes I opted for the sleep study. Now I’m on a Bipap machine for mild sleep apnea. It was suggested that I try a molecularly distilled fish oil supplement since I’m already on an aspirin regimen & more aspirin could affect my hearing & further aggravate my stomach issues. I take Coreg, Victoza, Lasix, Klor-Con M20, Florastor, Vitamin D 2000 units a day, Atacand, & Simvastatin along with aspirin @ 325mg. I don’t want to ever be on steroids again. I was prescribed 80mgs for two weeks then taken off cold turkey for a biopsy. The withdrawl & elevated blood glucose was horrible! What can I do? Since 4am today, I’ve been in severe hip pain, moderate neck & shoulder pain & the stiffness in my whole body makes it extremely difficult to walk or rise from sitting. I can’t sleep well for more than 2/3 hrs. Even after a LP to see if I had vasculitis the doctors don’t know what’s causing my extremely high sedamentation rate since the test was negative. What should I do? I know that my chanting Nam Myiho Renge Kyo will lead to a final & victorious solution, but Buddhism is faith & REASON so I must take action too. I need the wisdom of a compassionate & knowledgable physician. Thank you.

October 3, 2011 at 4:54 am
(16) Mary says:

The problem with your hip could be due to the simvastatin. I was just taken off this awful med after only 2 months. I was forced to use a cane, since my hip muscles would no longer support me…there are several interenet sites documenting the muscular side effects of simvastatin. I hope you find some relief.

October 20, 2010 at 12:51 pm
(17) LISA T says:

I’m 48 and I haven’t been diagnosed with PMR officialy, my doctor told me theres no way i have it because i’m not 50. Are you kidding me i left his office so angry because my symptoms fit to a tee. I took to rounds of prednisone the pain went away within hours, by the end of the prescription I couldn’t wait for it to be gone. It’s been three months since the pain started I now keep ibuprofen in my system 24/7 and also take tremodol when the pain gets too much. I need alot of sleep now really can’t get enough. Although i wish no one suffered like me it’s nice to hear from others with the same issues. TRY TO KEEP YOUR HEAD UP IT CAN’T LAST FOREVER!!!!!

October 20, 2010 at 11:20 pm
(18) Lucy says:

Doris Bryant

Both the sed rate and reactive c protein (RCP) are really high in PMR. To obtain an accurate result of you RCP you need to have an Ultrasensitive RCP test, not the normal test. I’ve had my sed rate over 45 since I’m 27 years old (now 48) and my RCP right now is in 6.3, more than twice the highest acceptable level. Both issues together is PMR for sure.

I chose not to take steroids. For me it’s hot showers and 1000 mg ibuprofen when the pain is way too much. I use it for a few days and as soon as the pain is bearable, I quit taking ibuprofen. But your condition is far more complicated than mine, so you must be extremely careful to mix further meds.

December 22, 2010 at 2:33 pm
(19) yolanda says:

hi i don’t know where to began. I’ve suffered with muscle pains as for back as i can remember. when my mother took me to the doctor she was told because i do sports. now that i am 40 it is even worst. been to hospitals many time was even asked did i have a mental record. denied pain meds before. finally a sweet young lady was on duty one morning i thought it was going to be the same as all the others times, began to tell me stuff that i had been trying to tell for years. as she began to speak i began to cry finally someone who don’t think i’m crazy. all i can do now is thank GOD. i don’t know what the problem is yet but this dr appt i will keep. on the 27th the tests will begin

April 9, 2011 at 9:32 pm
(20) Nancy says:

I have just been dx with pmr. My mother also has it. I have had fms for 20 years. I am 58. I just thought my fms was getting worse. I have difficulty sleeping, can’t seem to “shut my brain off” at night to fall asleep. Does anyone else have this symptom? I also take Lexapro. I was started on a tapering dose of prednisone, starting with 20mg. I must say, in two days, I am felling better than I have in years. It’s been so long, I don’t remember what living with pain felt like. I wish there was more awareness for people that suffer from chronic pain. I am a nurse and some doctors that I work with, still don’t believe in fms. My sed rate has been elevated for years. My hsCRP started creeping up about 5 years ago.

February 3, 2012 at 4:06 am
(21) sharon says:

I have pmr and was recently diagnosed with osteo arthrithis.
I cannot stand, sit, or walk without pain. I am on steroids, cymbalta and celebrex. So far I have very little improvement.

March 14, 2012 at 5:09 pm
(22) phyllis Lyew says:

I was diagnosed with PMR more than 10 years ago. I was put on prednisone 10mg and this helped very well. With the help of my doctor I tried several times to get off it. I am now still on 5 mg. with lots of pain that I hardly get a good night’s sleep. Someone suggested I ask my doctor to give me Tramado which is a narcotic.. I am concerned that this will do harm to some of my organs. Any suggestions?

March 14, 2012 at 6:45 pm
(23) Lucy says:

phyllis Lyew, Tramadol will probably help some the first couple of weeks, but your body will eventually learn how to get used to it, like it happens with all analgesics. Yet you might want to ask your doctor and give it a try for a few days, and see how it works on your body. I’ve learned to deal with my pain without medication, because so far none have worked for me.

November 2, 2012 at 12:50 am
(24) Prafulla says:

I am 37.yrs old. Since past few weeks I am having muscular pain in my left arm and left neck and also upper back. Now I am noticing a soft swelling on the shoulder and base of my neck on the left side. I underwent health check up and X-ray also. Everything seems normal except ESR which is 64. But I don’t have any other symptoms. I am taking homeopathy medicine right now.

March 12, 2013 at 8:54 am
(25) Jenny says:

My Mom suffered with Fibro for the last 4 years with no help at all from doctors She was eventually in a fetal position not eating speaking or walking We had her taken to the hospital 3 times in the last year and at the last visit a doctor was good enough to call in a neurologist My Mom had seen many the last one said she was acting. Anyway this doctor recommended a Thyroid test A large nodule was found and a Radioactive pill swallowed and within weeks the pain was gone and we have my mom back She is still weak and the side effects of the Radium tablet are constipation and tiredness hair and nail loss dry skin but these are nothing compared to the agony she went though for 4 years without any sympathy as there were not bandages, or marks or evidence of why her feet were paining etc If you have Fibro or Polymyalgia please have your thyroid checked it could well help Why did not one doctor check my mom’s thyroid?

April 1, 2013 at 2:22 pm
(26) Meg C. says:

32 yr old daughter –has lupus since 9 yr. It took 2 yrs for the proper testing . This past wk she couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch with out help. Last night 3/31/13 I mentioned PMR ( i’m a nurse and had a pt have it ) . She went to her Rhemo who poo-poo it. saying she is too young. Daughter said she was too young at 9 for lupus. He gave her a shot in the arm for pain . 5mg of pred. No blood test . Darn . Daughter left mess for Mayo in FLA for appt. I feel like telling her to take more pred to see if pain goes away . Can’t seem to see sites on here about young/PMR .
thanks orlando , FLA

April 4, 2013 at 12:16 am
(27) Yvette says:

I have been having pains since my late teens that started in my hips. I am now in my early 60s. My sed rate has always abeen between 37-48 and now the pains are generally in my shoulders, back, low back/pelvis/hips and knees. My ankles can be swollen when standing too long. I noticed lately that I seem to loose my balance easily and my concentration has become poor. Recently, I had an MRI of my low back and x-ray of my kness and my ortho feels I may be getting osteoporosis. My endo feels I have PFR and wanted to put me on prednisone but for now I have declined as I am a bit concerned about the4 side effects.

Is the loss of balance a sypmtom of PFR? I don’t see it listed and wonder if maybe something else is going on.

April 22, 2013 at 12:19 pm
(28) Kay Robnett says:

I have the same symptoms as yvette for years, but also now have bad balance issues and concentration and memory extremely bad. I need help so bad, in that my family just thinks I have mental problems and have distanced themselves from me. It breaks my heart not to have my children and grandchild to visit and only think I am lazy and mentally ill because I do not feel like doing all that needs to be done in cleaning my home, etc. I would love to have some answers. I go to a rheumatologist, thinking that I must have some other problems besides FB (that I was diagnosed with 20 years ago.) I have horrible pain in my neck and shoulders, swelling and pain in my hands, knees and feet. Some days I do not feel like getting up, but if I don’t, the stiffness and pain would be past unbearable. I have to try and keep moving, but hurt so bad that I do not feel like it. I need to be able to take care of and have a life. I don’t feel like I have much quality of life anymore. I have a Sister with MS and my Mother is in a nursing home with Parkinson’s. Her Mother, my Grandmother, also had Parkinson’s.

I thought while at rheumatologist, they might find RA, in that I had tested positive for the antigen before, but they said no RA, so I am continuing to go to my routine doctor and he medicates and keeps bloodwork done. I pray for healing and for relief from this life-altering condition. I was prrescribed steroids for pain, which helped some, but I gained 30 lbs. in a month…..I need help. Thank you for listening.

May 8, 2013 at 1:10 am
(29) amanda says:

Well, I’m 32 years old, my dr, who is awesome..discovered I had fibromyalgia about 2 years ago, it has been super difficult to deal with. My legs have really been hurting me lately, so my dr thinks I may have PR, so he’s gonna try steriods. So, we will see how it goes.

June 3, 2013 at 7:54 am
(30) Molly says:

For the last 6 months I’ve been on pain killers had 3 blood tests. A ct scan seen specialists antibiotics different drs urine tests even teeth pulled a dose of steroids and weekly visits to the local gp trying to figure out why i was in so much pain and finally regardless of the fact im only nearly 24yrs old my Dr has come to the conclusion i had developed polymyalgia rheumatica im so glad to finally have an answer and just commenting because it said to if you were young :)

July 14, 2013 at 2:20 am
(31) Pat says:

I am 67 and was diagnosed with fibro/polymyalgia 3 years ago. The pain was horrendous. Prednisone was a miracle for me. I have been completely off prednisone for 2 months and everything is coming back. I know about the dangers of prednisone but what about quality of life. I have to make a decision soon. Right now I am trying aspirin. I hate the fibro meds. I wish there was a cure for everyone. My heart goes out to the lady who has trouble holding her grandchild and to the young people who shouldn’t have to suffer.

July 20, 2013 at 2:17 pm
(32) texas pain says:

my joints swell, red, hot, itch and lots of pain. i was diag w/ ms in 2006, but neuro said i had it for about 10 yrs. in 1985 i was diag w/ fibro. i am also diabetic. now i am being tested for polyarth. all of these are autoimmune diseases. i have a bad lower back from a bad surgery in la. causing a fluid leak in 2 places on spine for 32 days. they patched them. i am hypothryoid. i dont know if all of these things are from one item….i stay depressed. i wonder if i should go around others w/ weak or no immune system. i just found out i have to have a blood test for factor5 blood dis. my granddaugh has it and her newborn has it too. what else…cancer, which ms can cause…i just dont know what to do….later

July 28, 2013 at 8:41 pm
(33) Elizabeth Daniel says:


My friend diagnosed with PMR wrote:
I have something called polymialga rheumatica whatever that mite be they say its a big name for something the doctors dont know how to treat i have pain in all the muscles round the joints especilally when u sitting and get up and want to walk andwhen u wake in the mornings…i was on cortisone for more than a year and am now off it …everynow and then i mite take an anti inflametry but the change is phenomanal.. and just the feeling of wellbeing…so yaya to wheatgrass..

ME: I have FMS and the symptoms are very similar to those of your malady, Gillie. Living in an apartment in South Korea where access to medicinal herbs is limited, but I have 3 little pots of sweet basil growing on my window sill as eating that too helps with inflammation-generated pain. Maybe get yourself a couple of seeds and grow your own sweet basil to compliment the wheatgrass. <3 you, my friend and am absolutely THRILLED that you're off the cortisone!!!.

September 18, 2013 at 10:17 pm
(34) Lisa says:

Hi everyone my name is lisa I am 35 married to the most wonderful man ever we have just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary,an as you all no lady with fibro you can’t plan nothink are two night stay in hotel an spa day was joke we spent the whole time in our room so the hotel have invited us back to a complimentary one night stay,we still in shock for some one to be so nice any ways bk to fm,I have suffered for bout five yrs diagnosis 4yrs as we all no how long it take to c doc,specialist,consultants,then the test blood urine x rays an MRI scan, when I was diagnosed I was just given leaflet an sent home,I had a mental breakdown my mother didn’t want to no me said I had changed an no fun to be around,an I put myself in a wheel chair,so here I am a hubby works full time plans of being a midwife vanished,our three children youngest was only four it devastated us as a lil family,I use walking stick or crutches a mobility scooter granny walker or wheel chair,we have had to have stair lift fitted a wet room fitted our lives/ home turned upside down cause me I am in 24/7 pain fatigue that runs a long side it ibs,so much the pain is so bad I take morphine to help me cope I have wonderful dr who listens understands an try’s her best,what is concerning me an is even effecting my driving my right hand first finger they all swelled looked pale an the troubled finger is starting to twist an look deformed wen it totally swells an I can’t put any presure on any of the joints, five yrs ago I got told by profession it won’t get any worse over a period of 18mths I have noticed huge decline my pain is worse my quality life totally down drain,it’s hard to stay positive but wen you have wonderful children an wonderful hubby what choice do I have!but being told by my doc last week oh your finger looks like touch arthritus,what’s a girl to do plz help! X

October 14, 2013 at 1:20 pm
(35) pat hummel says:

Thanks for all the post . A lot of info. I started in 1990. Now 70. Predisone is my friend at a low dose. And 1 pain pill a day. Of exercise ,if possible.
Thanks again .

November 17, 2013 at 8:43 am
(36) seeana says:

I have just been diagnosed with polymyalgia. My doc started me on three 5mg tabs a day ,I have just started to get cold sweats day and night and the feeling is really awful as I feel hot and freezing cold at the same time.The trouble is that it mainly effects my shoulders where the pain is worse,if I take my jumper off and I start to get the pain back in my shoulders but now its a dull ache put my jumper back on the cold sweats appear and the feeling is awful also feeling very jumpy and stressed out

.I am also on oxycontin 10mg for back pain plus blood pressure tabs and two 50mg Endep …feeling very low at this time as I cannot seem to get anything done and am wondering where this will all end.

I always thought I could fight anything like this but feeling so very very tired,I am 69 yrs.

Hate giving in to this but its so hard to deal with.

April 13, 2014 at 2:12 pm
(37) jean mckellan says:

just seen this page ,been told since 1990 I have cfs/fybro now no recovery so was bedridden for yrs with no physio ,I have swelling on my neck n doc said I have poly/m rheumatic a /but why am I in so much pain when water is on my back I just have to get w/bottle or heat spray or any heat on my neck ,,since nov been on prednisolone n when they cut them back inflammation returned ,now on 7 1mg n relief ,Ive had fatigue very bad for yrs no life at all can plan nothing ,,had b/cancer 2010mastectomy ,ok at moment 2 ops for arthritis in knees now have arthritis in hands ,,remedeine not helping at moment so on tramadol ,,,what can I do ,doc said I just have to live with it but wearing me down ,,,,

May 18, 2014 at 8:08 pm
(38) Yolanda says:

I am a 48 year old black female. I have degenerative disk disease in my L5 S1. I have been in pain for almost two years and had physical therapy and two steroid epidural. So I sleep on my sides, and started to wake up with pain in both shoulders, and lower back pain. my Doctor took blood and x-ray and diagnosed me with PR. I have been on prednisone ten mg for about four months. because of the dual problems I have, I’m starting to doubt the PR. since no one in my family has a history of it, and I’m black. Everything I read, mention Caucasian older women. I am seeking a second opinion soon, and seeing a surgeon for my back as well. The prednisone is causing rapid weight gain, and moon face. I’m praying for answers and relief.


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